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Cedar Fencing

Liv Landscaping is a professional cedar fencing contractor that provides hand-crafted, custom-built cedar fences & installation in the Langley & the Greater Vancouver area. We are committed to our customers and provide durable, functional, and attractive fencing to enhance any outdoor living space.

Western Red Cedar boasts centuries of proven performance in the sun, rain, heat, and cold. It has a beautiful straight grain, uniform, and vibrant colors that are striking and full of character. Cedar is naturally resistant to warpage, rotting, and decay and is also insect resistant.

Our handmade cedar fencing designs provide many benefits:


  1. Establish property boundaries

  2. Protect your outdoor valuables

  3. Privacy

  4. Boost property value

  5. Improve curb appeal

  6. Contain pets in a safe environment

  7. Enclose a swimming pool or playground

If you are looking for a natural, high-end look and feel to complete your yard, a cedar fence from Liv Landscaping is the best choice.

When it comes to a cedar fence, the price you put into the fence is well worth it. With a naturally long lifespan, a cedar fence is an excellent addition to spruce up the look of your yard while being able to trust that it will last.


There is so much more to a cedar fence than just the look, and here’s what you should know.




Cedar will outlast other wood varieties. It withstands the wet & humid weather conditions commonly found in the British Columbia climate. Cedar will also maintain its appearance and retain its shape in harsher weather conditions.

A cedar fence built by Liv Landscaping in Langley, BC is well worth the money as we handcraft it to last. Cedar can also change its moisture content to match the atmosphere. Typically with cedar, you will need to do minor maintenance to your fence and know that it will be in good shape.




Most people don’t place a cedar fence high on the priority list to add a high-end polish to their yards. Cedar fencing can dramatically change the look of your home.

A cedar fence is known for pleasing the eye, and it can enhance the look of your yard while offering functionality like keeping children & pets safe.


You can choose to leave cedar natural and let it age gracefully or choose to stain it with a nice semi-transparent stain. Most people who have a cedar fence built in their yard prefer to stain it, which preserves the longevity of the wood.


Our fencing is perfect around a patio or hot tub to increase privacy. Enhance your outdoor living space with Langley’s premier cedar fence specialists. Call us or request your free quote today!

Our Professional Services

We provide the following professional landscaping & hardscaping services for residential and commercial customers in Langley & Greater Vancouver:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Paving Stones
  • Custom Cedar Fencing
  • Bespoke Cedar Pergolas
  • Turf Installation

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Cedar has a beautiful red tinge along with a light-colored hue, which adds a nice aesthetic quality to your resodential fence as it ages to gray over time.

  • Establish boundaries
  • Keep children safe
  • Keep family pets contained
  • Add value to your home

Our Cedar commercial fences are custom built in a wide range of styles. We can work with you to create a style that matched your exact needs.

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Customizable
  • Easier repairs
  • Easily paintable