Are you looking to add an architectural structure to provide visual appeal to your backyard oasis?


Cedar Pergola’s create shelter, give a format for climbing plants, and create a center stage in your landscaping while adding a vertical aspect to your backyard.


Made-to-order metal pergolas are available at most local & box hardware stores, but a sturdy hand-crafted cedar pergola has many more advantages.


Cedar pergolas extend the living space of your home and offer a visual breezeway. They’re ideal for backyards that have very little natural shade. If your landscaping is new or only a few years old, you probably won’t have large, mature shade trees yet?


Cedar pergolas can give you a boost of shade until your trees mature. They also help divide your yard into different areas, designating a particular outdoor space for sitting and admiring your backyard with friends & family.


Gardeners like pergolas because they allow them to plant a greater variety of shrubs & plants. Vines and other types of climbing plants have a vertical place to grow, and shade-loving plants will thrive in the shade of the structure.


If you’re interested in cedar pergolas, consider the material selection for the construction. The material you use will affect a great deal about it.


For instance, the longevity of the pergola will depend significantly on the species of wood used. The material determines how much maintenance the pergola requires and whether or not it requires regular protection with stains, pesticides, or mildew repellents.


Liv Landscaping recommends using cedar as the ideal material for pergolas for the following reasons.


1. Weather Resistance


Cedar is known for weather-resistant properties, and that’s why common uses include roofing material and outdoor furniture. Cedar offers the warmth and versatility of wood without rotting or problems associated with other types of wood species.


2. Mildew Resistance


Our British Columbia weather can be pretty wet at times, so it’s essential to use materials that won’t cause mildew to form. Cedar is natural mildew-resistant wood, so you don’t have to apply chemicals to repel the mildew.


3. Warp Resistance


When building a structure for its strength, shelter, and architectural qualities, you want it to stand tall and sturdy for many years. Cedar pergolas fit the bill. Resistant to warping, even through blistering hot Fraser Valley summers and cold, wet winters, cedar is incredibly warp-resistant.


4. Pest Resistance


There’s a reason that cedar stands the test of time, and for years it’s been used to line closets, chests, and dresser drawers.


Bugs & insects don’t like cedar either, so they leave it alone; another reason that cedar is perfect for pergolas. The worry about boring insects such as termites that weaken the structure or insects suddenly dropping on the people below, pleasantly enjoying their lunch in the shade is gone.


5. Environmentally Friendly


As mentioned before, it’s unnecessary to add chemicals to cedar pergolas to treat them for mildew and insects.


The cedar structure is safe for your pets, family members, and even people with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that can enjoy the shade worry-free.


Organic gardeners will rest assured that their plants won’t contact any substances generally used to preserve the wood.


6. Superior Performance


Cedar offers a better value than any other type of wood when it comes to cost and maintenance. That’s why Liv Landscaping uses and recommends using cedar when designing and building a pergola for your backyard oasis.


Liv Landscaping has the knowledge and skill to design cedar pergolas for any space. Your custom cedar pergola will give you a wonderful outdoor gathering place and will make your yard genuinely unique.

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Cedar Pergola’s create shelter, give a format for climbing plants, and create a center stage in your landscaping while adding a vertical aspect to your backyard.

  • Extend your outdoor space
  • Weather resistant
  • Pest resistance
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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