Cedar fences give a classic yet elegant look to your home while framing your landscape design. Some homeowners prefer cedar fences for the natural look of the wood. In contrast, others enjoy the way it ages over time.

If you love the look of your cedar fence, don’t let it fade. The sun’s UV rays can fade and discolor the wood. Instead, you can follow these three easy maintenance steps to keep your cedar fence looking its best season after season.

Inspect Your Fence

The BC weather presents its own set of environmental threats to your cedar fence. First, it’s essential to inspect your fence for damage caused by the elements. This step is crucial as detecting early signs of deterioration can prevent costly repairs over time.

The BC winters are cold & wet, so be sure to inspect your fence after a storm. Look for signs of damage caused by winds or driving rain. Look for things such as loose nails, cracks, or damaged boards.

Ensure you take action to repair the damaged items you find during this inspection.

Clean Your Fence Between Seasons

Another critical yet overlooked maintenance item for maintaining your cedar fence is cleaning. Dirt, pollen, tree sap & bugs can damage your fence if left on the wood surface too long.

An excellent tool for doing this is a pressure washer on a low setting. Use a 45-degree fan tip and cold water to wash or rinse your fence between seasons. Cleaning your fence right before staining or painting will also open up the wood grain to better absorb the stain.

Make The Necessary Repairs

If you discover staining on the wood caused by rust, you must replace the nails. Rusty nails can cause wood to start rotting.

Remove the nails & clean around the affected area. Use fine-grit sandpaper to remove heavy rust marks. When replacing the nails, use galvanized steel nails to prevent future rusting.

Replace any damaged boards if any sign of rotting or cracking is present. A broken or damaged board will allow the elements to penetrate the exposed wood.

Re-stain the replacement board to protect them during the following season. Your wooden fence will stay healthy while providing continued curb appeal for years to come.

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